What a difference a Dave makes!

Dave Parker is a keen mountain-bike rider who often gets together with a group of friends for ride-outs. Last year, on the evening of 15th December, a scheduled group gathering didn’t exactly go to plan. No-one could have imagined the night would turn out the way that it did. Dave kindly tells us more… Read more

Tribute and thanks in memory of Stella

Neil Osborn reflects on a day that changed his family’s life forever… Read more

"The day I did not know what had happened"

DSAA were called in after Ken Hutton’s cardiac arrest on the golf course... Read more

110 years young

On 3rd May 2018, Daisy Bastin celebrated her 110th birthday. Daisy decided that she didn’t want or need any gifts, so it was suggested that her party guests donate to DSAA. Daisy didn’t actually know what the air ambulance was: back in her younger years, even seeing a road ambulance was a rare sight. Then her good friend Bill told her about his experience with Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. This is Bill’s story… Read more

“I was really scared about not seeing my three beautiful children again”

Primary School Teacher Dawn Hoey is grateful for DSAA’s support… Read more

“The air ambulance crew are my true heroes”

When Vicki Fuller was hit by a car, DSAA had to act quickly to save her leg… Read more

"They deserve to be called superheroes"

DSAA came to Steve Fox’s aid when he suffered a heart attack… Read more

"Their quick thinking helped to save my life"

Richard Anders never imagined that he would need Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance’s help not once but twice on the same day... Read more

Thank you visit

Nine years after being airlifted to hospital, Darren Way, Manager at Yeovil Town Football Club, paid DSAA a visit. Read more

"It could have been a whole lot worse"

On Tuesday 23rd May, Jamie Moran was involved in a quad bike incident on a farm near Beaminster. He was in a remote location with very little access for an ambulance. The Ambulance Service crew who arrived on scene first recognised this fact and swiftly requested that the air ambulance be deployed. Jamie explains more… Read more

"An emotional journey"

You may recall that we have previously featured the story of David Little, who suffered a cardiac arrest. David has continued to stay in touch with the Charity and shares what he's been up to. Read more

"I knew that I was in safe hands"

Time was of the essence when Tim Grizzell suffered a heart attack and needed hospital treatment. Paramedics quickly summoned DSAA. Read more

"I am so lucky to be alive"

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance was called out when Shena Kozuba-Kosubska suffered multiple injuries after a riding incident. Read more

"The air ambulance is invaluable"

After being airlifted following a crash, Jordan Turner plans to help raise funds for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Read more

"You are the greatest"

Susan McKibbin recounts the tale of her horse riding accident and subsequent Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance airlift. Read more

"Things could have been very different"

Claire Wilson was involved in a serious road traffic incident which saw her sustain multiple injuries. Her memory of the incident is very limited, but with the help of others, she shares her story with us. Read more

Why Every Cyclist Should Know CPR – A Rescuer’s Story

Good friends George Wiseman and Chris Pinnell are two extremely keen cyclists. It was on 31st July 2016, that a fast and furious cycle on the Mendips ended with George needing to save his friends life. Although Chris has no recollection of the incident, George explains what happened and together they give a full account, praising the work of the emergency services involved. Read more

"A Huge Thank You!"

Mandy was involved in a road traffic incident and kindly shares the events of the day with us... Read more

“In one split moment, your life can change”

Martin Price was involved in a serious motorcycle incident. The combined speed of the car and Martin's motorcycle was in the region of 90 miles per hour. In one split second, Martin was left with life-changing injuries. In their own words, he and his wife Carolyn bravely tell us what happened that day… Read more

“I felt fine one minute and then suddenly collapsed”

David Little lives in East Stour and has been a member of Gillingham’s Fitness by Design for 11 years. On 3 March, while visiting the gym, David suffered a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. Thanks to the quick response of staff and the use of a defibrillator held at the site, he is here today to tell his tale... Read more