We catch-up with Issy Jarrett, who we airlifted two years ago after a road traffic incident.

In a previous edition of Beeline, we shared the story of Issy Jarrett, who, at the age of 17 was a passenger in a head-on road traffic incident. Issy was treated by members of our clinical team and airlifted to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. There, she underwent numerous CT scans and x-rays, which showed that she had broken both her feet and her arm and that she had suffered lots of bruises and swelling. Fortunately, Issy had no major internal bleeding and her pelvis was intact.

At the time of writing Issy’s story, she had undergone surgery on her tummy to deal with injuries from her seatbelt and five weeks of Vac therapy to help close the wound. She didn’t know if she would need any further surgery as it would depend on how that healed.

Keeping in touch with our patients is something we love to do. Sharing these updates with you hopefully highlights the importance of your support and what a difference it makes to so many people’s lives.

So, let’s hear from Angela, Issy’s mum to find out how things are now… 

Issy Jarrett DSAA Patient two years on

“It’s almost two years since the day of Issy’s road traffic incident and apart from some physical scars, you would never know the extent of the trauma she suffered. The Vac therapy for her tummy was removed by the wonderful tissue viability nurses at Musgrove Park Hospital on Christmas Eve 2021, which We catch-up with Issy Jarrett, who we airlifted two years ago after a road traffic incident for Issy was the best Christmas present ever. Since then, apart from the obvious scarring on her tummy and pain in her feet when it’s cold outside, she has made a full recovery.

“Issy finished her college course in 2022 and has since been working for the NHS at Musgrove Park Hospital. She is hoping to start an apprenticeship later this year, with a view to being an Operating Department Practitioner one day.

“Moving forward, we are both really keen to help raise awareness and funds for the vital service that is Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Issy’s stepdad and I got married in September 2022 and asked for donations to the charity instead of wedding presents and later that month Issy and I headed to Henstridge to take part in the 5K Twilight Shift run; the first run Issy had done since her incident. Not only did she smash it, but we were lucky enough to meet Mario, the pilot who had flown Issy to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, to say a big thank you.

“Since then, we have had the opportunity of heading back to Henstridge Airfield to meet Mario again, but we also got to meet James and Amy, the crew that were working on that night. We were greeted by Amy with a big hug and James talked us through what happened, right from when they arrived on scene, to getting Issy safely to hospital. Having the opportunity to thank them personally was an amazing thing for us to be able to do; it really did bring closure to everything that had happened.

“Looking ahead, Issy is really keen to keep up the running and is even considering the London Marathon to raise money for those who helped save her life. I am biased, but she’s amazing, having faced everything with a smile on her face – and she is the funniest young lady ever. 

“I have no doubt that she has an incredible future ahead of her, thanks to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.”

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