In memory of Simon James Mannion, by his mum Jayne.

Simon and mum Jayne with family

Our beloved son, Simon James Mannion, passed away on 1st November 2022. We called the emergency services on 31st October and eventually after the police and an ambulance arrived, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance arrived too and were able to restart our son’s heart. This meant that as a family, we were able to have the time to say goodbye to him in the early hours of that dreadful morning.

I will be eternally grateful to the crew that attended to our son that day. He was just 31 years old and we miss him with all our heart.

Thank you for your amazing service and support, then and after, with your fantastic family liaison service. Kirsty has been a tremendous support to us as a family. Seeing how grateful we are being printed within your Beeline magazine means I can add it to a special file that I have put together in memory of our beloved son. I try to gather everything I can to remember him by and it means so much to us as a family.

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