Members of our clinical team continue to address the high risk needs of the agricultural community, through the development of an initiative called Farmer Down, which aims to help prevent death in agriculture. Farmer Down was piloted in 2020 with two local young farmer groups. 30 farmers were trained on how to manage serious injuries such as loss of limbs and cardiac arrest but most importantly, how not to become a patient in the first place.

Farmer Down sessions are delivered by members of our clinical team. They provide those who attend with enhanced skills to help keep someone alive following an accident, until medical assistance arrives. Farmer Down goes beyond typical first aid teaching and gives people the skills required to manage serious injuries. 

Sessions run for two hours and are FREE to attend.

Topics include:  

  • How to keep yourself safe at the scene
  • Critical bleeding
  • Limb injuries
  • Unconscious person
  • Being crushed
  • Someone not breathing
  • Fallen from height
  • How not to become a patient

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to prevent any face-to-face engagement with young farmers, our team have been using their time to work on the content delivery of Farmer Down courses.

"A Hospital in a Field - Amazing!"

When farmer John Harper fell from his all-terrain vehicle (ATV), excellent teamwork between several emergency service teams helped save his life!