BikeSafe is a national police-run motorcycle initiative, aimed at working with motorcycle riders in a relaxed environment to raise awareness of the importance and value of progressing on to accredited post-test training. BikeSafe workshops involve an observed ride with a police-graded motorcyclist or approved BikeSafe observer.

The uniqueness of this course is that you are taught by Police motorcyclists. These are the bikers who are not only trained to the highest level but have years of experience of attending bike crashes. Because they understand how and why bikers crash, they can give you the practical tips and tricks on how to avoid being knocked off your bike and how to get the most out of riding.

Where a BikeSafe workshop is not available, some fire services may run a ‘Better Biking’ course, which again, gives riders awareness of how to stay safe.

For further information and to book a BikeSafe workshop, please visit the Bike Safe Website.