Of all the road users in the UK, 1% of the miles are travelled by motorcyclists, yet they account for around 25% of the serious injuries and deaths. Motorcyclists don’t necessarily have more accidents than other road users, but because they lack the protection of being inside a steel box, with a roll cage, crumple zones, seat belts and air bags; when they are involved in a collision, their injuries are significantly worse than that of other road users.

The DocBike charity was co-founded by PC Chris Smith QPM, (Police Traffic Officer and Advanced Police Motorcycle Instructor for over 20 years) and Dr. Ian Mew (Intensive Care Consultant and DSAA Critical Care Doctor). Together they started the project by delivering life-saving skills to local riders through BikerDown courses (an interactive trauma aid skills session). Not happy to just teach these skills to riders of all ages and experience levels, Ian wanted to take them to the roadside and so Dorset DocBike was born.

The DocBike charity has grown from strength to strength since it was formed and has won National Awards. DocBike plays a key role in engaging with riders, delivering key road safety messages and brings bikers of all kinds into post-test training.

To achieve their goal of eradicating all motorcycle deaths and significantly reducing motorcycle related serious injuries, DocBike has developed working relationships with a large number of national partners. Using their research, experience of engagement and their knowledge from attending the scene of many motorcycle crashes, DocBike has been able to help shape and coordinate a collaborative response, with which to direct injury prevention for motorcyclists in the UK for the future.

For more information about DocBike and how you can get involved, please visit the DocBike website.