Angela Jarrett received the call that every mother fears; that her daughter Issy had been involved in a head-on road traffic collision.

Issy is 17 and was a passenger in a head-on road traffic incident, which took place last October. I was called by the driver of the car behind, to say what had happened. Luckily, I track my children’s phones, so I knew where she was. Issy’s stepdad drove us to the scene, where she was still in the car being cared for by the paramedics.

What happened when the crew arrived

The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) was landing as we arrived. They quickly assessed Issy and were concerned that she had a possible fractured pelvis and internal bleeding. I was stood behind the barrier and was approached by Dr James Keegan (the air ambulance doctor). He explained that Issy would be flown to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. He said that unfortunately there wasn’t room for me to fly as well, but that they would take really good care of her.

Issy was very distressed, so they administered plenty of pain relief. While they were placing her in a hip brace, a female member of the crew called me over so I could speak to her before they left. I then swapped over with her stepdad, so he could do the same. And so, that’s where I placed my trust in the amazing air ambulance team. I was told it would take them 10-15 minutes to get to Bristol, so we left immediately to get there by car… the longest drive ever!

What Izzy remembers

If you ask Issy now what she remembers, she says that although things are a bit hazy, she knows that a blonde lady stroked her head the whole way to hospital. She told her that she was ok and that I would be there at the other end. I am eternally grateful to her for being “mum” to my little girl when I couldn’t be there.

Recovery and aftermath

We spent seven hours in Southmead Hospital. Issy had CT scans and x-rays, which thankfully showed that her pelvis was intact and no major internal bleeding was found. The trauma consultant said that she was a really lucky girl and although she had broken both her feet and arm, and had a lot of bruising and swelling, she would make a full recovery in time.

We left Bristol at 5.30am the next morning. Driving home, it didn’t feel real that she was ok and coming home with us. It was short lived though, as we just couldn’t get the pain under control, so we spent the next 24 hours being cared for by my wonderful work colleagues on the paediatric ward at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Since then, there have been ups and downs. Issy has had surgery on her tummy, due to the seatbelt wound, followed by five weeks of Vac therapy to help close the wound. She may need further surgery on her abdomen, depending on how that heals.

The team at Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance were incredible. Thank you will never be enough!

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