Kim Goodwin needed the services of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance when she was involved in a horse-riding incident. She pays thanks to those who helped her on that day.

I had been out for a hack with my friend and was riding one of her horses called ‘Smiles’. We had just got back to the field, where there were some 8ft bales of straw that had recently been baled, so we decided to jump some of them. After a couple of jumps, Smiles caught her foot in the twine and somersaulted, throwing me off. Unfortunately, she landed on me and then trod on the left hand side of my chest when she stood up.

My friend managed to get the horses back into the field, as I laid in the straw stubble face down. When she came back, I decided to turn myself over as I didn’t think that I had done any damage. I managed to do this, but then found it difficult to breathe, only being able to use short quick breaths. After asking her to do so, she removed my boots and chaps, as I didn’t want them to be cut off by the ambulance crew when they got there.

What happened when the crew arrived by helicopter

When the land ambulance arrived, they were brilliant. Due to my injuries and the fact that I was in a field away from the road, I heard them call for assistance from the air ambulance. The crew arrived by helicopter and worked alongside the other paramedics to administer pain relief and get me ready for the flight to hospital. I don’t remember the flight itself, but I remember landing on the helipad at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester.

Kim's injuries

My injuries included numerous broken ribs, a punctured lung and a ruptured spleen. I was in intensive care and high dependency for just over a week and then on a ward for 10 days, before going home to recover, which took a further 8-10 weeks. I am now minus my spleen and although I had a horrific ordeal that day, it didn’t stop me from riding, eventing, show jumping and doing dressage.

A massive thank you

I think the land ambulance and air ambulance crews do an amazing job. Day in, day out, they help all sorts of people and don’t get the recognition they deserve. So, from me and Smiles, we would like to say a massive thank you for being there for us that day!

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