All of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance’s medical devices meet the highest and most complex requirements and standards of critical care and aviation medicine (BS EN 13718-1:2014+A1:2020). These standards do not only extend to the medical device, but for its integration and fixation with the helicopter and car through European Aviation Safety Agency certification (EASA PART-21: Design). The equipment is selected through a rigorous procurement process for the device’s performance in a pre-hospital and hospital critical care environment to treat patients of any age.

State of the art medical devices for monitoring critically ill patients, undertaking diagnosis and provided critical care treatment as well as back-up devices are carried by our clinical team. This includes non-invasive and invasive pressure monitoring, as well as spontaneous and controlled breathing machines for patients of all age ranges. The patient’s requirements are governed by portable blood gas analyser to ensure bespoke patient treatment. All vehicles have oxygen cylinders onboard with an installed patient stretcher and harness and a range of critical care medication. 

WATCH the following video where Critical Care Practitioner Stuart Cox, provides an overview of some of the specialist medical equipment used by the clinical team.

We have also included an overview of the different types of specialist medical equipment and what they are used for below.

Airway/Breathing Equipment

Video Laryngoscopes - McGrath and GlideScope GO

Video laryngoscopes incorporate an integrated camera and display monitor. They provide indirect visualisation of a patient’s airway to assist in the placement of a breathing tube into the lungs.

Critical Care Advanced Ventilator - Hamilton T1 Ventilator

This is a life support machine that combines the functionality of a critical care hospital ventilator with the compactness and ruggedness required for transport. It enables the team to provide ventilation therapy to any age of patients during transport.

Blood Gas Analysis System - Abbott i-Stat 1

The i-STAT 1 gives hospital blood testing to wherever it is needed. This allows DSAA clinicians to expedite care by undertaking diagnostic tests at the roadside within minutes, rather than waiting to get to a hospital. It only needs using only a few drops of blood and in a few minutes, you gain a result.

Suction Unit - Laerdal LCSU 4

The LCSU 4 is a small portable unit to clear patients’ airways to assist in breathing or by placing a breathing tube. 

Cardiovascular Equipment

Critical Care Portable Invasive and Non-Invasive Monitor/Defibrillator/Cardioverter and Pacemaker - Zoll X Series Advanced Parameters

This is a multiple parameter monitor for all patients we care for. This helps manage a range of complex patients from those that need defibrillation to the most advanced blood pressure or neurological monitoring.

Medication Infusion Devices - Fresenius Kabi Syringe Driver

Fresenius Kabi syringe drivers allow medication to be given at a set rate and dose.

Ultrasound Devices - Sonosite iViz

The Sonosite iViz is a portable ultrasound machine allowing the DSAA clinicians to look at the heart function and injuries within the abdomen or the chest. 

Blood Products Cooling Equipment - Credo Cubes

The Credo Cube is a chilled medical materials container which keeps medication and blood products at a safe temperature for up to five days. These are restocked by the blood lab at the Dorchester Hospital.

LUCAS - Deliver High-Performance, Continuous Chest Compressions

The LUCAS chest compression system, provides benefits both to the cardiac arrest patient and the pre hospital critical care team and allows compression to continue whilst the patient is moved.

QinFlow Warrior

This is a portable blood and IV fluid warmer for mid and long-haul critical care transports in the pre-hospital environment. 

Blizzard Heat Blanket

The Blizzard 3 Layer Casualty Trauma Blanket is a high performance insulating blanket its oxygen activated heat pads for patient protection from cold, wind and rain.

Paediatric/Neonates Equipment

Child Restraint System – Ferno Pedi-Mate Paediatric Transport Harness

Ferno transport harness system is paramount when children are being transported. It allows DSAA to support children of a relatively broad age and weight range whilst travelling in the helicopter.

BabyPod II Infant Transport System - Ferno 

Ferno BabyPod is the safe, lightweight way to provide a safe way transport babies up to 9kg where heat can be provided and regulated. ​