DSAA Christmas Grand Raffle Draw 2023 Winners

£1,000   Mrs A Retter, Wimborne (Ticket number 390743)

£250      Mr R Evans, Salisbury (Ticket number 524083)

£150      Mrs I Law, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon (Ticket number 37024

£125      Mrs V Elcock, Bournemouth (Ticket number 858163)

£100      Mr S Turner, Christchurch (Ticket number 320742)

DSAA Summer Grand Raffle Draw 2023 Winners

£1,000   Mr K Morgan, Bournemouth (Ticket number 890370)

£250      Mr B Lewis, Tiverton (Ticket number 548007)

£150      Mrs S Holbrook, Bristol (Ticket number 718913) 

£125      Mrs J Hames, Bournemouth (Ticket number 893670)

£100      Mr D Packer, Minehead (Ticket number 921121)

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Grand Raffle Draw

Lottery Raffle Terms and Conditions

 18+ Players must be 18 or over