Online fundraising is easy, you can set up your own page here on our website. This is hugely beneficial to our Charity as we pay no commission fees!

A personalised fundraising page provides a way for your family, friends and colleagues to easily donate online.

With your fundraising page, you can:

  • Set a fundraising target
  • Share your story behind your fundraising
  • Track your progress
  • See the donations you have received
  • Get a personalised link and website page

Setting up a fundraising page on our website is easy to do! See the following guidance.

Before you undertake fundraising in aid of our Charity, please read the guidance from the Fundraising Regulator, and our Fundraising Terms and Conditions.

Set up your fundraising page

How to set up a fundraising page

Thank you for choosing to fundraise in aid of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, we’re so grateful for your support!

Creating an online fundraising page takes just a few minutes. Follow these 6 steps:

  1. Visit: Read the instructions at the top of the page, then follow the on screen prompts.

  2. Fill in all the necessary fields. Ensure you give as much information as you can when telling your friends and family why you are fundraising for us as this is a key factor that influences people to donate.

  3. Submit your page for approval by a member of our team.

    Submit your fundraiser page

    After submitting your fundraising page for approval, you will be sent a confirmation email. Please go to this email and click on the activation link to complete your registration. You will only receive this email if this is the first time that you have used our website. You will not be able to access your fundraising page without clicking this activation link.

  4. Please complete the following actions within one hour of submitting your page for approval. After one hour, you will have to wait until your page has been approved by our team before you can access this and complete your page.

    1. Click on the drop-down for ‘Edit my password and account details’.

    2. Then click ‘Update your details’.

    3. Fill in your title, forename, surname, email, mobile/ landline, full address, and postcode (this is needed so we can thank you for your fundraising efforts).

    4. Add/update your profile picture - so your friends and family can easily recognise your fundraising page when they are donating!

    5. Add/update your ‘banner image’. This is the large image at the top of your page. Where possible, use a high-resolution, landscape image and crop this to the shape of an ‘envelope’ or 1490px by 594px before uploading. If you need help with this, please email: [email protected] who will be happy to help.

    6. Save your changes by clicking ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page.

  5. Once your page has been approved, you will receive a further email containing a personalised link to your online fundraising page.

    To access or edit your fundraising page

    Click your personalised link in your email and then log in to your account using your email address and password. To log in to your account scroll to the bottom of our website and click ‘log in’ which is found in the green footer.

    Log in DSAA website button footer

    You can also access your fundraising page by visiting: and then searching for your name/page title.

  6. Get sharing! Once your page has been approved and you have your personalised link share this via email and social media and start receiving donations for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. This helps to raise awareness of your fundraising and can help you get more support.

Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on social media so we can support you by liking, commenting and sharing this with our followers!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch by emailing: [email protected] or calling: 01823 669604.

Happy fundraising and thank you for supporting our life-saving service!

Set up your fundraising page

You can also search for a fundraising page on our website to make a donation.