Susan McKibbin recounts the tale of her horse riding accident and subsequent Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance airlift.

On 19th January, I was involved in a horse riding accident near Upton in Somerset; I remember the incident very well. The bridle on my horse broke, which left me with no brakes or control, then the horse took off and turned sharply, which resulted in me coming off.

Luckily an ex-surgeon was out with me that day and stayed with me until the air ambulance arrived. I could feel my leg crunching when I tried to move so he advised me to lay still and covered me with coats as I was very cold. He said the air ambulance was on its way and as soon as it landed the crew were very quick to start looking after me.

They cut off my clothes to see what injuries I had and gave me some ‘happy juice’ as I call it!  They continued to talk to me which kept me calm as I was a bit nervous about going into a helicopter. Although I don’t remember much of the flight to hospital, I do remember the crew continuously making sure I was ok. 

The next thing I really remember is being on the ward and my husband being there.  I had broken my leg in three places and had to have a rod and six screws put in my leg. I also smashed my shoulder which had to be reconstructed and I fractured a vertebrae. I was in hospital for three weeks and my husband nursed me for a further two months until I could get mobile.

Unfortunately, at the age of 62, there will be no more horse riding for me as I think that it’s too risky with the injuries that I had. I want to thank everyone who helped me that day from the bottom of my heart; you are all the greatest!

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