On the morning of 13 September 2015, Janie Fieldhouse suffered serious injuries while out cycling. She has very little recollection of what happened that day, but with the help of family and friends, has pieced together some of the elements and kindly shares them with us…

“All I can remember is leaving my front door and cycling down the road on my bike.  The next memory I have is waking up in ICU at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. I have been told that I was found by a couple who saw me lying in the road next to my bike; I believe they thought I was dead. They went to a nearby farm and a young farmer called the emergency services. He came back to the scene and covered me with a blanket while also giving advice as to the best place for the air ambulance to land. Apparently he stayed with me while I was being helped by all the amazing team that were working on me and, at some point, I had been talking to the air ambulance crew, explaining that my back hurt and not to call my mother as she would be so worried.

I was airlifted to Southmead Hospital where I was diagnosed with a broken back (T4 to T7 fracture) together with a broken jaw, broken ribs, brain injury and a missing tooth. Over a three-month period I spent time in three different hospitals. 

Now 18 months on, I am still recovering and waiting for additional reconstructive surgery on my face, however, I’m back on my bike and took part in the charity’s Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge, which took place in May. I’m also back working full time and although life has its ups and downs I’m so grateful to everyone who helped save my life. I get extremely emotional whenever I see the air ambulance fly by; they truly are my heroes in the sky!”

All my love, Janie xxx

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