After being airlifted following a crash, Jordan Turner plans to help raise funds for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

On 21st August, I was riding home from work on my motorbike when I got hit by a car. Paramedics arrived within minutes; soon after, the air ambulance crew were also on scene.

At first, I was taken to Yeovil District Hospital and then I was moved to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. I underwent a six hour operation to put a metal nail through my broken femur and they tried to put my foot back together. The day after surgery, I got pneumonia and blood clots on my lungs, so I spent the next four days in intensive care. After two long weeks in hospital, I was finally allowed home.

After being home for nine days, I went back to Southmead Hospital for an outpatient’s appointment but had to be re-admitted as the bone in my foot had become infected. Since then, I have been back in hospital to have four further operations in preparation for the plastic surgery that is needed to rebuild my foot.


Everyone who treated and looked after me that day were absolutely amazing.  The air ambulance is invaluable and none of us know when we might need their help!


My journey is far from over and it has been pretty hard at times, but I want to take something positive away from this difficult situation. That’s why I have decided to grow my hair (it grows pretty fast) whilst I am recovering and then when I go back to work (all being well around May), I am going to shave it all off to raise funds for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Hopefully people will be generous and make a donation if they can, even if it’s a few pounds! 


If you've been inspired by Jordan's story and would like to help us to continue saving lives, we would be grateful to receive your donation. No matter how big or small, every penny donated really will make a big difference! Thank you.

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