My name is Steve Bailey - this is my story and the reason why I wanted to raise money for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance...

Sadly, my dad died in January last year. My mum was devoted to him; they were married for 63 years. She was heartbroken and while at home shortly after, she suffered a fall and broke her hip. Due to the layout of the house and her being in so much pain, the ambulance staff were unable to move her, so they requested assistance from the air ambulance; that’s when your team came to the rescue.

When they arrived, I remember one of the crew being called Ollie and he was also accompanied by a doctor. They helped by administering a much stronger painkiller, which enabled mum to be moved with less pain before being taken to hospital.

Whilst I was visiting at the hospital, I bumped into Ollie again and he asked how mum was doing. I was so touched that he had remembered who we were and had taken the time to ask.

Unfortunately, despite the fantastic efforts of all involved with her care, she died one week later. This was incredibly difficult for me and my family as we had only lost my dad four weeks earlier. However, despite this, the extra week that I was able to spend with my mum in hospital was very special. We played cards together, we laughed and with thanks to those who helped her, I was able to say goodbye to her properly.

I wanted to do something for you, in return for what your team did for me. At Christmas, I lit up my house to spread some Christmas cheer and to raise funds for your life-saving work. I created a JustGiving page and put a collection bucket outside and I am so pleased to have raised a total of £147.50 (including gift aid) for your wonderful charity.

bridgwater xmas lights

Steve and Sammy-Jo have once again lit up their house to raise funds for us in 2022. Support them and donate via JustGiving.

If you've been inspired by Steve's story and would like to help us to continue saving lives, we would be grateful to receive your donation. No matter how big or small, every penny donated really will make a big difference! Thank you.

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