When she was run over by a pony and carriage, patient Anne Roots was stabilised at the scene by the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance crew.

Anne's story in her own words:

It had been a normal, very busy Friday in August, with the changeover of our three holiday cottages. My youngest son Tim had returned to London that morning, after helping to clear out our ditches with Pat, a local digger driver.

Finally, at around 2.00pm, we had finished all of our tasks, so I harnessed up one of our ponies to go for a carriage drive with my friend; I provide carriage drives for our holiday let visitors. We had a good drive and on returning to the farm, we were aware that the pony could be frightened by the digger, so we decided to stop so that I could dismount.

As I prepared to dismount, the pony bolted and overturned the carriage, throwing my friend clear and trapping me underneath it in a heap of muck. As the pony pulled harder (due to being in panic mode), I found myself being dragged underneath the carriage. Then both the pony and carriage galloped over the top of me.

Thankfully, Pat and his assistant were still at the farm and came to my rescue. I vaguely remember the 999 call being made to the emergency services, however, I do remember that I was freezing cold, very frightened and that I could not communicate.

I believe that an ambulance and the air ambulance came to my aid and I have been told that our holiday let guests turned up looking for me, while I was being treated at the scene. All the while, I felt that I was looking down on myself and with all the strength that I had left, I knew that I just needed to fight!

I vaguely recall being in the helicopter and arriving at Dorset County Hospital, with several people trying to help me. I was transferred to a different ward and the nurse told me that there was restricted visiting because everyone was so unwell. I did not realise what was wrong with me, until I saw that I had major head injuries and that I had been skinned across my middle from the carriage. I spent approximately two weeks in hospital recovering, with the various dressings for my injuries constantly being changed.

It took many months for me to feel normal again and I still have the scars to remind me. I wanted to share my story as the clinical team from Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance spent so much time stabilising me at the scene and saved my life. I cannot thank them enough!

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