You may recall that we have previously featured the story of David Little, who suffered a cardiac arrest. David has continued to stay in touch with the Charity and shares what he's been up to.

David suffered a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing whilst at his local gym, Gillingham’s Fitness by Design. Thanks to the quick response of their staff and the use of a defibrillator located at the gym, David made a full recovery and was able to share the events of the day with us.

The staff, together with the help of gym member Barbara Turnbull, who has 40 years Red Cross experience sprang into action. Personal trainer Ben Yorke began performing CPR whilst a colleague headed straight for the defibrillator. Together they worked incredibly hard to save David’s life. CPR continued and the first defibrillator shock was given. Within four minutes the team had managed to restart David’s heart. Owner of the gym Colin Fricker was on hand with pure oxygen which helped David until SWASfT paramedics and the crew from Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance arrived.

David has continued to stay in touch with the Charity. He and his wife Gill raised £1,400 when they asked guests to make a donation in lieu of giving presents at their Golden Wedding party. These funds were shared between ourselves and the Stars Appeal at Salisbury District Hospital.

During the half term holiday’s David and Gill, together with their grandchildren came to our airbase to meet our crew in person. He wrote to us afterwards to pay thanks and also explain how his incident has had an effect on so many people’s lives.

Thank you so much for the wonderful visit to Henstridge which has resulted in you having another group of young supporters - our four grandchildren. Owen, (my hero) and the rest of your team were all so helpful and accommodating.  I’ve enclosed a copy of a drawing that Tilly (then aged 6) did in her school RE class when they were asked to think of something special. It’s called ‘Grandad’s Heart’ and says… My object is a symbol that represents my Grandad when he had a heart attack. He is very special to me because he is very funny and makes me laugh a lot. I love him.

Finally, a lovely postscript to my cardiac arrest story has recently arisen in that Ben Yorke, the personal trainer at Fitness by Design who started my CPR immediately after I collapsed, has been awarded ‘2017 Lifesaver of the Year’ at the UK Heartsafe Awards.  So well deserved!

Goodness, my cardiac arrest has been an emotional journey!

If you've been inspired by David's story and would like to help us to continue saving lives, we would be grateful to receive your donation. No matter how big or small, every penny donated really will make a big difference! Thank you.

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