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“I will be eternally grateful to all involved” - Mark's Story

Mark long patient

Mark’s story is an incredible example of the ‘chain of survival’. While working on top of his garage, things took a serious turn for the worse. Fortunately, with many people’s help, Mark is with us today and kindly shares his story with us all…

"I was carrying out some repairs on my garage roof, while my daughter Millie was busy preparing dinner. Her boyfriend Olly came outside to let me know that it was ready, only to find that I had collapsed.

"He climbed up on the roof and started to shout for help, while Millie phoned 999. Luckily, my neighbour Brian was getting out of his car and heard Olly shouting. Brian joined him and started giving me CPR; thankfully, he had been taught this at his son’s football club.

"Another neighbour, Darren, joined Olly and Brian on the roof, while Brian’s wife Charlotte made her way to the local pub to get the defibrillator that was located there. However, the community first responders had been alerted to my turmoil and arrived with a defibrillator before she had returned from the pub."

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