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The team were a key factor in saving Evelyn’s life

Baby Evelyn in hospital specialist care

In December 2020, Shelby Banks was 36 weeks pregnant and began suffering from severe pains in her ribs. Having been through pregnancy before, she knew that these were not normal labour pains and that something wasn’t quite right. Together with her partner Matthew, they tell us more… 

It was 4th December and Shelby was in extreme pain, so she and her partner decided to go to their local hospital, St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight. After only a few minutes of being there, the doctors identified that Shelby needed specialist treatment at Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton. Given the urgency of her condition, the doctors decided that the fastest and safest way to get there was by air ambulance, so the team at Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) were called to help. 

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