Today, on Giving Tuesday, we are delighted to launch a brand new range of gift cards, to help support our life saving work. Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone, everywhere is encouraged to do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them.

There are four different gift card designs which can be purchased for either £10, £25, £50 and £100. Each card has been designed with our critical care team’s work in mind and focusses on the different types of equipment and supplies that help them care for seriously ill or injured patients. Whether that be the simplest oxygen mask, or the more complex items, these all contribute towards the vital care that is delivered to patients in need.

‘The Little Things’ gift card costs £10 and could help towards the cost of essential supplies used by our critical care team, when treating seriously ill or injured patients.

The ‘Mine’s A Pint’ gift card costs £25 and could make all the difference, by helping towards the cost of a much-needed pint of blood for a critically ill or unwell patient. Each year, approximately 50 patients that we attend to, need vital blood products to help them reach hospital alive. Having these blood products immediately at hand, means our clinicians have an amazing resource to resuscitate patients who are suffering from severe trauma, or other conditions where large quantities of blood have been lost. 

The ‘Let’s Snuggle Up’ gift card costs £50 and could help towards the cost of a Blizzard blanket to provide vital warmth and make a patient feel safe in their time of need. When a patient is critically unwell, reducing their exposure to the cold and preventing further heat loss, plays an important part of their pre-hospital care. Our critical care team use these Blizzard blankets to provide active warming and improve a patient’s medical condition on admission to hospital. They are 400% warmer than synthetic blankets and 150% warmer than down-insulated garments and bags.

Finally, the ‘See The Stars’ gift card, costs £100 and could help towards a pair of Night Vision Goggles, to help light the way for our crew when they are working in the dark. When they are tasked to incidents on the aircraft at night, the crew use special night vision goggles which work by amplifying light and projecting pictures onto two small screens inside the goggles. The combination of using the night vision goggles, the night optimised cockpit displays in the helicopter and the skills of the flight crew, means the team can continue to be there for patients during the hours of darkness.

100% of the proceeds raised from the sale of the gift cards, will go towards our operational costs and support our life-saving work. The cards can be sent direct to the person purchasing them to be personalised, or alternatively, supporters can arrange for the card to be sent direct to the recipient after the purchase has been made.  

To purchase one of these extremely special gift cards, please visit our online shop. Alternatively, you can call: 01823 669604 or email: [email protected]