Blackmore Vale Lions Club (BVLC) has selected Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance as their main charity benefactor from funds raised at the 2024 Blackmore Vale Half Marathon and Fun Run​.

The Half Marathon is a major fundraising activity ​for BVLC​ in ​Lions Year 2023/24. BVLC ​also depends on money raised from the BVHM to fund many of its other charitable giving and donations which cover everything ​from major international disaster relief; earthquakes, conflict and famine​ for example to small bequests to local and needy causes. Thus some of the earnings from the half marathon and fun run (8km, 5.25 miles), which takes place at Bishop’s Caundle recreation ground on 4th Feb 2024 at 11.00am, will be retained by BVLC for international, national and local use.

Commenting on the ​choice Peter Oswick, President of​ BVLC said:

We are keen to support local charities and obviously, DSAA is one of them.  In addition, many of our members can see Henstridge Airfield from their homes and watch "Peggy", their helicopter, disappearing off to render help and assistance to the seriously ill and hurt throughout the two counties. All of us in the Blackmore Vale frequently see her flying. Coupled with the DSAA land assets, we as individuals and a community ​benefit hugely from and are enormously grateful to DSAA for the efforts the team make on our behalf.​ Blackmore Vale Lions are delighted to help out and make a contribution.”

Commenting on behalf of DSAA, Becky Heath, Supporter Engagement Officer for Dorset said:  

We want to thank everyone at Blackmore Vale Lions Club for selecting us as their chosen charity for the 2024 Blackmore Vale Half Marathon and Fun Run. Each life-saving mission that our crew are tasked to costs approximately £3,500 and the charity relies on the generosity of the public to keep operational. We would not be able to help so many people in our community without the amazing support that we receive from events such as this. Thank you from us all at Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, we really appreciate your support.

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