Our helicopter, Peggy, has gone for annual maintenance. So you won't see her in the skies for a while.

In the meantime, we have a replacement aircraft with the registration number G-PICU. The G-PICU is the same helicopter model as Peggy, an AgustaWestland 169 (AW169), so it is a seamless swap for our crew!

Did you know our crew’s first shift on the aircraft starts at 7am? They perform several checks before pushing the helicopter out of the hangar and onto the helipad.

DSAA Helicopter TrakkaBeam

Our TrakkaBeam spotlight, usually positioned on Peggy’s nose, has been removed and attached to the side of our stand-in helicopter G-PICU whilst Peggy is away for her annual maintenance.

Our Trakka Systems TrakkaBeam is a high-intensity searchlight designed for aircrafts. It provides an intense and stable beam of light to help our crew when they attend missions in the dark - fundamental on dark winter days!

The crew use the TrakkaBeam to look around the perimeter of landing sites at night to ensure that they are aware of all the obstacles and are happy to land.

Photograph by Robert Mellor.

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