If you are arranging a funeral or memorial service for a loved one, you may wish to ask friends and relatives to donate money to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance in lieu of buying flowers.

If you wish to collect in this way, we can provide you with gift envelopes that can be handed out or left on seats at the service. Most funeral directors will be happy to assist with this and we can send information directly to them.

Alternatively, with easy step by step instructions, you could set up an In Memory fundraising page on our website. This provides friends and family with an easy way to donate in memory of a loved one and to keep track of how much money has been raised. 

For Funeral Directors

If you are arranging a collection at one of your services please can you ensure that cheques are made payable to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance or DSAA. We will be happy to supply you with any gift envelopes  to assist with the collection, including Gift Aid Forms.