Through the generosity of the public, our clinical and aviation team are providing life-changing care for patients across Dorset and Somerset.

Many of these clinical interventions are highlighted in the numerous patient stories included on our website. While our team are credited within these features, we are keen to highlight that other clinicians will often have played a significant part in the patient outcomes. At the majority of incidents, we are not the first to arrive at the scene and the first intervention is needed to be performed by a passer-by, family member or one of our emergency services colleagues.

Our ‘Outreach’ programme is aimed at our colleagues within the Ambulance, Fire, Police and Coastguard services and shares information about what can be achieved for patients when we work together. This teamwork approach is helping to save countless lives across the two counties and enables us to bring the hospital to the patient, no matter their location. That is why in future editions of Beeline, where possible, we also intend to credit the contribution of our colleagues.

We have now been providing a 19 hours service (07.00am to 02.00am) every day since April 2017. Rapid response cars were used in the hours of darkness from April to the end of October. At the beginning of November, night operations began. At present, one third of our operations are now in the hours of darkness.

Team Development

Every month, the team train together to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided to patients. This training, led by Emily Cooper and Owen Hammett has continued to improve the team’s dynamics and performance and continues to be extensive. Some of the latest topics include the inter-hospital transfer of adults and children, the use of infusion pumps, sedation and vasoactive drug infusions, the testing of patient extrication devices, troubleshooting and rapid packaging of patients with limb injuries. The ‘scoop bridge’ has also been introduced to our operations. This enables our equipment to be mounted over the top of a patient, improving safety and speed of patient packaging.


Mark Williams, Michelle Walker, Paul Owen and Neil Bizzell have successfully completed their Master’s Degree in Critical Care Paramedicine; a truly wonderful and well deserved achievement. Claire Baker is also in the final stages of completing her Master’s Degree.

Steve Westbrook, Lauren Dyson, Ollie Zorab and Owen Hammett have all successfully completed the first year of their Masters programme and are now proud holders of Postgraduate Certificates in Pre-hospital Critical Care. Additionally, they have worked to achieve the Ambulance Service Skills Portfolio and are now classed as Specialist Practitioners in Critical Care.

Congratulations go to them all and a big thank to all the doctors for mentoring and supporting each practitioner through this process.

Other news

Pilot Phil Merritt completed the gruelling cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats in super quick time and raised £1,747.63 for charity. This was split equally between Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes. What an awesome achievement!

Oh yes, they want to do it again! Nine members of the team will take part in this year’s Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge which takes place on Sunday 13 May.