Marie Cherrett contacted the Charity to inform us that she had left a gift in her Will and explains why she decided to do so...

“I’ve been a supporter of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance for a number of years.  I joined their Flight for Life Lottery after a canvasser called at my home.  He was really lovely and told me so much about the work of the air ambulance.  I used to drive in and out of London, over a thousand miles a week and fortunately never had an accident; however I saw many in the time of my travels. 

“My daughter Karen lives on a pheasant farm in Somerset which is accessed down a steep narrow lane.  Access to the farm can be restricted during extreme weather.  A lady in the village was once taken ill and there was a road accident at the top of the lane which had blocked any access down to her home.  The air ambulance landed and came to her aid.  I was extremely comforted to know that in such a situation, my family will have the security of having such a wonderful efficient emergency service available to them should they need it.

“A local solicitor in Broadstone helped me leave a legacy to the Charity in my Will.  It was really straightforward.  I have four children; three daughters and one son.  Obviously my home will be equally shared between them all and when I told them I had left a small gift to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, they didn’t question it one little bit.

“I am lucky to have been so looked after by the medical profession over the years.  It gives me great satisfaction to know that in my legacy, someone else’s life might be saved or they will be looked after as well as I have been.  Knowing that my children have the security of such a wonderful service as Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance in the future and the fact that I have played a part makes me feel very proud.”

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