We were thrilled to welcome members of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour last week, showcasing the life-saving work that we conduct every day in the local community.

The event, held at our airbase on Henstridge Airfield, offered a unique opportunity for our visitors to learn about DSAA operations, the vital role we play in saving lives, experience an informative airbase tour and have a first-hand look at the facilities and equipment used by our crew. 

Georgia Beard, DSAA’s Corporate Partnerships Lead spoke about the visit and said: 

We were thrilled to host members of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and share with them the inner workings of the charity. It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the impact we have on local communities and raise awareness about the importance of our service. 
The event highlighted our commitment to engaging with the community and showcased the service we provide. By offering this behind-the-scenes experience, we aim to make stronger connections with local businesses and emphasise the importance of supporting our charity.

Following the tour, participants expressed their appreciation for the eye-opening experience. Somerset Chamber of Commerce shared their enjoyment of the day on social media and thanked everyone from DSAA who played a part in making the event so special, whilst highlighting the impact and remarkable service that we provide to the local community.

DSAA airbase tour with somerset chamber

We hope to continue engaging with local businesses and groups through similar events throughout the year, so please get in touch if this is of interest.