The 5K Twilight Shift is our brand new fundraising event and we would love for you to get involved!

Your support over the years has enabled us to do many great things, but most of all, it has enabled us to be there for critically ill or injured patients when they need us the most.

When our critical care team are tasked to incidents at night, they use special night vision goggles in the helicopter. These work by amplifying light and projecting pictures onto two small screens inside the goggles.

The combination of using the night vision goggles, the night optimised cockpit displays in the helicopter, along with the skills of our flight crew, means that our team can continue to be there for patients during the hours of darkness.

It is with thanks to public support that DSAA have been able to fund this vital equipment which is saving lives every day.

No matter your reason for taking part, you can feel proud that your fundraising will make a big difference to so many peoples’ lives, now and into the future!