Recycling is one of the most effortless ways to support us. You would be amazed at the amount of funds that can be raised in this way, especially as you would probably have thrown most of these items out! Now you can support us by donating those items instead. Currently, we recycle all types of household textiles from clothes, shoes, bras, blankets, towels etc. In addition to these, funds can also be generated by the recycling of mobile phones, laptops, PCs and Stamps.

Textile Recycling 

Our textile banks are located across Dorset and Somerset and are usually in locations that are easily accessible to the general public. To find your nearest bank, click here and type in your postcode or visit our recycling partners’ website:

Are you a business, supermarket or council with a recycling site? We are always looking for good sites to place our textile banks. If you would consider hosting a bank, please call us on 01823 669604 or email: [email protected]

Laptops and PC's

Donate IT is a secure way to recycle PCs and laptops while raising money for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

The great thing about the Donate IT scheme is the peace of mind offered by the professional data destruction service. You can be safe in the knowledge that all of your personal information will be completely erased, so there’s no risk of private data getting into the wrong hands.

The Donate IT service is free of charge and for each computer recycled money is donated to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. The scheme donates £10 for every laptop and £5 for every desktop PC it receives.

There is a growing network of authorised drop-off points across the West Country, where you can take your unwanted laptops and PCs for safe and secure disposal.

More information and a full list of drop-off points can be found at

Mobile Phones

Are you about to change your mobile phone? There are an estimated 60 to 90 million mobile phones languishing in drawers around the UK. If these phones end up in landfill sites, their toxic components become a threat to human health and the environment. If the phones are recycled, they eliminate this threat to the environment and also decrease the strain on our planet’s resources.

We can raise valuable funds by recycling your old mobile phone so please, think of us before putting it in a drawer.

Please send or take your old phones to either of our offices, details can be found on our contact us page 


We recycle used postage stamps from anywhere in the world. Please send them to either of our offices, details can be found on our contact us page