Stephanie Hewis *******UPDATE********The Dive was completed and wow what an experience!! Loved every second of it! My final total raised was a whopping £800. Well done and thank you to everyone who sponsored me and helped me raise this amazing amount of money. Xxx

****UPDATE*****Due to the weather on the 1st April, my Skydive has been rescheduled for 7th April 12pm*****

Hello, my name is Steph, I have always wanted to do a Skydive! I am now able to fulfill this dream as my partner Mark bought me the gift of a 15000ft Skydive for Christmas. I have to say now that is is booked I am a little nervous but i'm also very excited at the concept of jumping out of a plane, free falling for 60 seconds before floating down to earth!! The charity do such a fantastic job that I didn't hesitate in selecting the DSAA to benefit from any sponsorship I raise, it also happens to be the chosen charity for where I work Wessex Electricals Ltd. As the dive has already been paid for, every penny that I am sponsored will go direct to the charity.
The DSAA were in attendance to some friends of ours when they had a fatal motorbike accident, the work that the charity do is just phenomenal and they really do deserve every penny that is raised. You never know when you or someone you know may need their help!
Please support my cause by donating, even the smallest amount can make a difference.

I will be doing this crazy event at Old Sarum Airfield on the 1st April should you wish to pop along to support.

Thank you for reading. Steph x Stephanie Hewis