John Mollaghan OK so, Dan, Dave, Matty and John (me) are gas engineers and plumbers and work for BCP We are racing against each other (by time) on Sunday 3rd May to see who can do the quickest 5K run. The thing is Dan and Dave are 20 years old, Matty is 30, and me, well, lets just say you can easily add 30 years and more to Dan and Dave's age! They've given me a 2 minute head start! We are all up for the challenge and decided that it would be a great idea to try and raise some money for charity in the process. We've all put money in the hat (which would have gone to the winner, until we thought Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance could do with it me). We will post our respective times at around 3 o'clock on Sunday to see who is the winner! If you'd like to help us raise a bit more for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, please donate what you can! Thanks John Mollaghan