Rachel Keohane The girls of our team are SWAST members of staff who have all worked closely with the HEMs DSAA team at work.

The boys are the backbone of every ambulance personnels life. Supporting the team at home and when they decide its a good (and fun) idea to each cycle 54 miles for a helicopter.

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) is charity providing life saving resources, relief from sickness and injury for the people of Dorset and Somerset.

The DSAA is a charity close to all 5 of our team. From working with them out on the road at work to saving family members lives.

Their operational costs are over £3.5 million a year and the approximate cost per mission is £3,000.

So help a brother (and sister) out while we cycle 270 miles between us by supporting our team to raise money and awareness for the amazing work of Pegasus & the Helimed team.

Every little counts!

Big sweaty bicycle love from,

Rach, Zoe, Nik, Nick & Tristan xxx Rachel Keohane