Paul Calcutt THE HONEST VIEW: I didn't sign up to this challenge of my own free will. Spending four or more hours on a saddle shaped like a razor blade was far from my ideal way of spending a Sunday afternoon. It's been almost 30 years since I have needed or wanted to use a bike, having discovered the luxury of the car. However, that didn't stop my brother in law from throwing down the gauntlet and signing me up for this challenge. Will my bottom survive?

THE HUMBLE VIEW: I do like a challenge, and if there was a cause to motivate and inspire me, then Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance are in deed that. Receiving no direct funding from the Government they rely on public to raise the required £2.5m per year to operate. This saving the lives of our nearest and dearest. It's a very special cause, and has motivated me to help raise awareness and hopefully a few bob at the same time.

REALITY VIEW: I've been training hard and made several life changes to support this challenge. I have a feeling I may have changed for the future (if my bottom survives)

Paul Calcutt