Ruth Wood Update... There are 6 weeks to go and I feel like I have hit the training wall!! I am looking forward to getting on with it now. The sponsorship has really helped keep me motivated, although I am feeling anxious about not letting you all down!

I turn 40 later this year and have wanted to do a big physical challenge as part of my 40 things before 40. I thought I had got away with this as I did a novice triathlon last year, but clearly not. Just after my 39th birthday, I received the magazine saying I had a ballot place in the 2019 London Marathon. I was pretty lost for words, which isn't a common occurrence!
Also in a very unlike me moment, I started training. I thought that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it properly and not leave it to the last moment. I have been running three times a week and slowly building the distance. I achieved my aim of running 10 miles by the end of 2018.
I took some time to think about who I wanted to raise money. I don't do many sponsored events so definitely wanted to use this mammoth opportunity to raise some funds, but who to fundraise for? I wanted it to be for a charity I really believed in. After much deliberation I decided to raise money for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. I live in rural Somerset and our closest hospital is over 20 miles away. Nine years ago, the Devon Air Ambulance saved my Mum's life so I know first hand how important this service is. My Mum and the rest of the family raised funds for the DAA for many years, but as well all live in Somerset now, I thought it would be a good idea to raise money for our local Air Ambulance.
So lovely people, please dig deep and rest easy that I am putting every effort into running this marathon. I am going to really need a lot of support to get me through the long runs, so every penny really does count! Thank you so much for your support. Ruth Wood