Georgia Pritchard Due to requiring surgery on my wrist following a fracture and dislocation, and covid and it's uncertainty I have amended my trip and will now be cycling the length of England, from Lands End to Gretna Green, 532 miles.

I will be cycling from Land’s End to Gretna Green over 7 days, from October 19th - 25th 2020. I will be completing the cycling alone, and all the moneys raised will be donated to the DSAA, a charity very close to my heart.

I’ve wanted to be a paramedic from the age of 14, and now I have achieved that goal, I wish to support the ambulance service and my patients in every way I possibly can. I have seen first hand the life saving medical intervention the DSAA facilitate, whilst working out of my local ambulance station full time as a paramedic. I was truly shocked and saddened to initially discover the DSAA receive no government funding, but rely solely on charity based events, such as mine, to continue serving the local and wider communities. This is what motivated me to arrange this event. Everybody should have access to the best medical and traumatic intervention and new equipment, which only the air ambulance can provide in the pre-hospital setting. This includes blood products, and more advanced procedures that regular road paramedics such as myself are unable to perform pre-hospitally, including surgical airways and thoracostomy’s. The DSAA inspire me every day, and I’m sure you’ll agree, this life saving treatment shouldn’t come at a cost, but unfortunately it does, and you and me are the only ones keeping it alive.

My route is as follows:
19/10 Lizard point – Launceston 83.3miles (Hill view B and B)
20/10 Launceston – Langford Budville, Wellington 67miles (Brambles B and B- In honor of Andrew Date)
21/10 Langford Budville, Wellington – Severn Beach 70.2miles
22/10 Severn Beach – Kidderminster 80miles
23/10 Kidderminster – Biddulph Stoke on Trent 62.6miles
24/10 Biddulph, Stoke on Trent – Lancaster 83 miles
25/10 Lancaster – Gretna Green 88.5miles The Crossroads B and B)

If you've been kind enough to donate, I cannot be more thankful and appreciative to you, and can assure you 100% of your contribution will go direct to DSAA to continue saving lives, including yours and mine. Georgia Pritchard