Ten minutes to 9 on the morning of 27th February 2019 should have been an unremarkable moment walking my dog walk with my father on a Dorset farm track. Instead, the next hour or so saw myself, a community responder, paramedics and ambulance technicians, a rapid response unit and the team from the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance struggle to counter the impact of a heart attack upon Dad.

Although our combined efforts did not prove enough to save Dad, it did reinforce to me the value of the Air Ambulance across Dorset and Somerset, particularly given the rural setting it operates in with challenging access and egress for conventional road vehicles when every second counts.

This is your opportunity to contribute and help ensure the Air Ambulance keeps flying and my opportunity to pedal my bike for a few hours and pretend I'm doing something more important than really just cycling across two of the most beautiful counties in England on a Sunday morning in Spring. Keith Grimmett