Having been involved in a serious road traffic accident in 2016, I know first-hand how incredible the clinical team at Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance are. Without their intervention, my story may well have had a different ending. It is because of public donations that the air ambulance was able to help save my life.

I want to continue doing my bit to try and ensure that others are also able to receive the same life-saving treatment, should they ever need it. Saying thank you will never be enough, but I hope that my song, in support of the Save a Life Challenge, shows how very grateful I will always be, Maisie xx

Please make a donation in support of my song and DSAA's Save a Life Challenge via the donate button on this page, thank you!

‘Flying Heroes’ is available to stream and download (for 99p) from all major music sites (SpotifyAmazon MusiciTunesApple Music) 

All proceeds from the streaming and digital sales of 'Flying Heroes' will be donated to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance for the period of one year from the date of release (18th September).

Special Thanks

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to everyone who has played a part in the production and recording of my song Flying Heroes, and to those who helped me in my hour of need. I will be eternally grateful to you all! 

Ultan Dempsey, Rob Hamilton, Kat and Dave, my brave friends who called 999, Justin and Kat Glynn (Video Production, Harbour Media), Ed Hintze (Co-Writer), David Payne (Producer).

Maisie Sheridan