On Wednesday 3rd July 2019 my family received a devastating phone call to say my grandfather had been taken poorly.

Our grandfather had unfortunately had a abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) which was undiagnosed prior to that day, and very suddenly it became apparent that this had ruptured and my grandfather had a very severe internal bleed.

The Dorset & Somerset air ambulance worked tirelessly on grandad to get him stable to head to Musgrove for urgent surgery, but he was rapidly going downhill. The Doctors and the team
Supported my mum and made my grandfather as comfortable as possible, they were very honest with my mum and supported her throughout the journey to Taunton. Unfortunately dispute all their amazing efforts “Grandad John” passed away not long after arriving at the hospital. A complete shock still to this day the man who did his daily shopping trip up street on his bike, spoke to everyone and would help anyone was gone, as quick as the blink of an eye!!

I can’t express the gratitude I have for the team
that made my grandfathers last few hours as comfortable as possible, and supported my Mum.

So this year I’m undertaking the C2C cycle ride (which seems very fitting starting in Watchet - my grandads home town & on a bike, which we know he loved a bit of cycling whether it was the Tour De France or a simply cycle to the next village when courting my Nan or popping up street)!!

Keep shining bright Grandad and miss you so very much xxx

Lucy Hawkins