Adam Kasik

Dear friends,

I am turning 30 this weekend (6th of June) and to celebrate the occasion I would like to, with your help, raise funds for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Since we currently cannot meet at a pub for a few drinks and a catch up as we would normally do, I thought that if we all donate an equivalent of a drink or two, it could add up to a nice amount to support this amazing charity.

The DSAA provide vital service, covering not only our county, but also the surrounding areas if necessary. I feel they deserve all the support they can get and I hope that with your help, we could do our little bit.

Also, if you live in the county, please consider playing the DSAA lottery. It is a great way to support them and you might even win a prize.:-)

Thank you for reading this and I hope that we will soon be able to meet in person once again, and to have that beer and a chat like we always do.

Take care!

Adam Kasik