Rowena Mayo-Candy In 2015, my step-dad was involved in an accident. A piece of farming machinery knocked him off of his feet and when he landed on his back, he hit his head on gravel. He came to relatively quickly, but the paramedic insisted on calling the Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance due to the nature of his injury. It transpired that that call, his swift treatment and transfer to Southmead Hospital saved his life. His fall had caused a fracture to his skull and consequently a serious injury to his brain. The weeks and months that followed were filled with uncertainty as we waited to see if he would survive and how he would recover - An opportunity we would not have had if it weren't for a service like the Air Ambulance.

After months of recovery, surgery and rehab, he came home and resumed his role of driving my Mum completely batty... A role that no one else could fulfil so efficiently!

Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance receive no direct funding from the Government or the National Lottery and rely on the generosity of the public for support. Their operational costs are over £3.5 million a year and the approximate cost per mission is £3,000.

This challenge has been a long time in the making, but we’ve finally come up with a fitting idea; Robin and I are going to run a total of 800 miles between us over the next 6 months, our final month being September where we will run Bristol half marathon. We would like to raise £1 for every mile we run...

We've planned our months and will be completing each distance using Race at your Pace to keep everyone informed and us motivated!

To cover the distance, we will run 3 months at 50 miles, 2 months at 75 and 1 month at 100 miles in whichever order we feel is best at the time.
400 miles each - 800 in total.

THANK YOU ! x Rowena Mayo-Candy