Two years ago today on Jan 20th, I was involved in an accident that was not only life threatening but hugely life changing.

I owe a number of thank yous and the list is too lengthy to name names, however you all know who you are; I couldn’t have been luckier and more grateful for the response from locals at the scene, the response from paramedics first at the scene, police who responded to the scene, the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and of course all the doctors, nurses, surgeons and staff at both Southmead and Salisbury Hospital.

I had an amazing response from all family, friends of family, and friends both old and new when the Go-Fund-Me was set up for specific equipment and physio sessions for me to obtain and partake in after being discharged from my 10 month stint under the care of the NHS.

Whilst I would love to be able to do a fund-raising event for more than one discipline involved in saving my life, I have decided to start with the Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance. As you all know the Air Ambulance is a charity-run organisation who respond to the most vulnerable and life threatening cases, they are no doubt inundated with responses and sadly cannot respond to all. I was immensely lucky that 2 years ago they had no other call to respond to when mine was made, without being able to get air lifted to Southmead there is a chance that the outcome for me could have been very different.

When I woke from the coma the prospects of being able to walk again weren’t looking great. To say the return of some of my nerves and muscle control is lucky is an understatemet.

By February 20th, during this second National Lockdown, I am aiming to have achieve a full 2 mile walk to raise £500 for the Air Ambulance. If we exceed this target that would be incredible but in no way fully expresses my thanks to the team. It will hopefully however make a bit of difference in continuing to support this amazing service.

Whilst 2 miles may not seem very far to most, this will only give me 4 weeks to build up to the longest walk I will have managed to have done since the accident. I can more or less consistently manage 1km, but then due to joint pain, arthritic pain and nerve pain I often won’t be able to attempt that length for close to a week. My current maximum distance has been a mile on the dot and have only managed that twice, so pushing for 2 miles in 4 weeks will be a challenge but worth the preserverance for this charitable cause.

I understand this is a difficult time for many, but as pubs are shut, restaurants are shut, leisure facilities are shut, If you can spare a little donation to a great cause that would be hugely appreciated.

Wish me luck!

I will post the progress and success of my walk by Feb 20th.

Stay Strong!


Liam Earle