Making a Will usually involves two trips to your solicitor, a first visit to give your instructions and a second appointment to check the document which has been prepared and to sign it.

How much will it cost?

The solicitor's charges will usually depend on the complexity of your affairs and the time taken to draw up your Will. Don't be afraid to ask for an estimate in advance. It may help to obtain estimates from various local firms before deciding which one to use. There may even be a reduced cost if you and your partner make matching Wills that leave the same property and possessions.

How can I save costs?

To keep costs to a minimum the motto is be prepared! Having all the relevant information to hand will save your solicitor time and save you money. Make a list of all your possessions such as property, furniture and jewellery. Add to this list any shares, insurance certificates or bonds you hold and details of where these documents are stored. Finally, include on the list the name, address and account number of any bank or building society with which you have an account.