The charity uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to help raise awareness of our life-saving work and keep you up to date with our latest news. If you’re not already following us on these channels, click on the links above.

We are pleased to confirm that you can now use Facebook and Instagram to raise funds for DSAA when you celebrate a special occasion, or simply wish to support the charity and ask others to do the same.

Below we have included step by step instructions of how you can support us in this way.

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

To create a birthday fundraiser, visit the Facebook Fundraisers page and complete the following steps:

  1. Click the 'Raise Money' button (if using your mobile)
  2. Search for DSAA in the list of non-profits
  3. Choose the amount of money you want to raise and the date you want the fundraiser to end
  4. Add a title and description for your fundraiser (we have provided a description for you but feel free to personalise this)
  5. Choose a cover photo can click create

It’s as easy as that! All donations made on your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser will come straight to DSAA.

For more information on donating to Facebook Fundraisers, privacy and payment terms, visit Facebook's Help Centre.

Instagram Donation Sticker

You can now raise funds for us on Instagram by using the Donation Sticker in Instagram Stories. Simply complete the following steps to create your fundraiser:

STEP 1: In Instagram, open the camera and take or upload a suitable photo

STEP 2: Tap the sticker icon

STEP 3: Select the donation sticker from the tray

STEP 4: Search for DSAA from the list of non-profits

STEP 5: Customise your fundraiser using the Instagram Stories creative tools

STEP 6: Tap Send to. Then tap Share next to Your Story - It’s as easy as that!

All donations made via your sticker will come straight to the charity.

For more information on donating to Instagram Stories, privacy and payment terms, visit Instagram's Help Centre.