Have you had a sort through your unwanted clothes and household textiles recently? Why not donate these items to one of our recycling banks and help raise funds for the charity in the process!

Recycling is one of the most effortless ways that you can support us. You would be amazed at the amount of funds that can be raised in this way, especially as you would probably have thrown most of these items out! We recycle all types of household textiles from clothes, shoes, bras, blankets, towels etc. Not only does effective recycling help to provide a great source of regular income for the charity, but it also means that we are helping the planet in a wider context, which is a tremendous plus point.

Due to the current pandemic, collections from our textile recycling banks had to temporarily cease however, we are pleased to confirm that our recycling partner Bag it Up, have now resumed collections from most of our recycling banks; please note that some sites still remain closed.

Like many other charities, our fundraising has been seriously affected by COVID-19. Many people were due to fundraise on our behalf, but due to the current pandemic, they were no longer able to do so. Some of our supporters have been in touch to ask how you can still get involved and help us, so we are pleased to confirm that you can now support us again in this way.

Many of you will have taken the opportunity to have a sort through your unwanted items during this time, so if you have clothes and household textiles lying around, please consider donating these items to one of our recycling banks and help to raise funds for the charity in the process. To see a full list of items that you can recycle, visit our recycling partner’s website.

Our textile banks are located across Dorset and Somerset and are usually in locations that are easily accessible to the general public. To find your nearest textile recycling bank, use the bank locator.