Hi, my name is Steve Bailey. I am raising money for the air ambulance this year with my Xmas lights, to not only spread the joy of Xmas, but to also raise money for DSAA.

My dad died on Jan 13th 2020; my mum was devoted to him and they were married for 63 years. Heart broken, she had a fall and broke her hip. Ambulance staff couldn't move her due to the layout of the house and her being in so much pain and that's when DSAA came to the rescue.

Ollie and a doctor came to her aid and gave her some stronger painkillers before taking her to hospital. Unfortunately, a week later she died and so within 4 weeks, I had lost both my folks. The extra week that I had with her in hospital was great. I got to play cards with her, laugh with her and to say a proper goodbye and it's down to the amazing work that all of you do. We even passed Ollie on the stairs at one point and he asked after my mum and how she was doing; I was so touched.

So now it's my turn to do something for you, as you did for me. On 7th of November I switched my Xmas lights on and started a Just Giving page. I put a collection bucket outside and posted it on social media, saying of a evening if you on your exercise, walk or even a car journey, to pop by and spread Xmas cheer.

Lights are switched on from 5pm every day until late. We are at 49 Campion Way, Bridgwater, TA5 2FB (next to the Bloor marketing office). I hope you can help and raise tons of money for DSAA, thank you.