Hi, I'm Alan Carter and on Sunday 11th February 2018 I shall be 70 years old and it is my intention to celebrate this event in conjunction with The Train Station Gym (Glastonbury) and the No Limits Fitness Gym ( Monroe, North Carolina USA) by holding a “Gymathon”.

I have asked all my family to donate cash to the above charity rather than give me presents.


The objectives are twofold:-

  • My personal objective is to do a double work-out routine with as many PBs as possible over set periods (with a break) to “row” 100 miles, and I am seeking sponsorship from anyone kind enough to donate
  • To hook up with my son Will Carter who runs No Limits Fitness gym in the USA. Mark Bentley at the Train Station put forward the idea that both gyms will attempt to “row” across the Atlantic to meet midway, a mere 1,944 miles each (half way from Monroe to Glastonbury). “Rowing” is defined as any measurable gym activity (rowing, cycling, cross trainer etc 1 minute = 1 mile; reps, kgs lifted etc, 10 reps = 1 mile). My family and friends will be joining in and you are invited/asked to come and join us during the day.

Monroe in North Carolina USA is 5 hours behind GMT so they will be starting to “row” after us, but the intention is to hook up in the afternoon by skype (or whatever means) and have some banter with our American cousins, believe me they are up for it.

Times:- any time from 9.00am to 3.00pm

Donation:- enter details on D&SAA form; Just Giving site; cash to Train Station

Refreshments (including birthday cakes!!)will be provided and it is hoped that we will have a fun day working out.



Train Station Gym



Tel: 01458-832743 (Mark Bentley)


fb trainstation gym

No Limits Fitness      

www.nolimitsfitness Monroe NC  or fb  (Will Carter)

Alan Carter: 07826 614587

Just Giving www.justgiving.com/fundraising/alan-carter11