We have an incredible team of volunteers who work incredibly hard on our behalf.  Together they cover 2,636 square miles between them.  That’s a big challenge as you can imagine and we urgently need others to join us.

If you would like to become one of these valued members of our team, you can expect to have an exceptional support team who will encourage and support you in every way.

It would be difficult for us to include pictures of all our volunteers on our website, but some of them have kindly shared why they believe you should join us too!


John HoyleI became a volunteer 12 years ago, some 9 months after the helicopter first began flying.   Prior to my retirement I had been helping to develop the NHS Paramedic Service aside from my work as an anaesthetist.  I initially helped with the purchase of equipment and then became one of the Charity’s speakers.  Giving talks is a great way to meet people with a wide variety of interests and being a volunteer is hugely rewarding.  Best of all you will make friends with other volunteers and make lasting friendships among the many fascinating groups of people you meet along the way.  JOHN HOYLE

Laura Zaky

I became a volunteer last year when I was at the Royal Bath & West Show and offered my services as a photographer.  I live in Glastonbury and often see the yellow helicopter flying overhead.  I personally know two people who have needed their help so it felt the right thing to do.  I have donated my time to many of the Charity’s major events and was thrilled when I was told one of my pictures had made the front cover of Beeline magazine.  Yippee!  LAURA ZAKY