Clinical Team

We pride ourselves on having an outstanding Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (known as HEMS).  Our team of highly trained doctors, paramedics and pilots use their knowledge and specialist skills to save lives every day.

Our Critical Care Paramedics are employed by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASfT).  Our Doctors are a mixture of Senior Emergency Physicians, Intensive Care Consultants and Anesthetists from hospitals across our region.  As well as being very highly qualified and experienced paramedics and doctors, they are also trained to assist the pilot with navigation and the operation of some of the aircraft systems.

Our aircraft and its pilots and maintenance support are leased from Babcock MCS Onshore (formerly Bond Air Services) who have a proud history supporting air ambulance operations.  The pilots are carefully selected because Air Ambulance flights are typically more challenging than regular non-emergency flight services.  They will have a great deal of experience in low level operations and instrument flying.