Long term supporter Maria Sprackling collects unwanted bras and donates the through our recycling schemeOur textile banks are located across Dorset and Somerset and are usually in locations that are easily accessible to the general public.  To find your nearest bank, click here and type in your postcode or visit our recycling partners’ website: www.biugroup.co.uk

Are you a business, supermarket or council with a recycling site?  We are always looking for good sites to place our textile banks.  If you would consider hosting a bank, please call us or email:  info@dsairambulance.org.uk

So where Does It All Go?

  • The clothes, shoes and household textiles that we collect are sorted into over 110 different categories! The quality of the items determines which part of the world the items end up.
  • The best quality and designer items, also known as the “cream”, are sold mainly in Eastern Europe.
  •  Bras find themselves on markets mainly in West Africa where the need for good quality but inexpensive underwear is high.
  • 70’s and retro gear is most fashionable in Japan, where they love the flowery, hippy era!
  • Jumpers, sweatshirts and jerseys knit their way onto the Eastern European and Asian markets!
  • T-shirts and vests are very popular in Europe and Asia during the summer months, and Africa, where the need to keep cool is a must!
  • Shoes walk their way into Pakistan and India where they are buffed and cleaned until they look brand new!
  • Second-hand trousers and jeans can be bought in the shops of Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Smart shirts are often flaunted on the streets of Africa and Eastern Europe.

Finally, items that cannot be sold on are recycled into industrial wipers, mattress fillings, cloths, insulation, and new fibres.