By JustGiving

JustGiving is a fundraising website which is designed to allow people to give a one off or monthly donation.  It also gives you the opportunity to fundraise online, making it quick and easy for everyone to make donations and show you support. 

With easy step by step instructions, JustGiving allows you to set up your own fundraising page, personalise it and then promote it. 

Personalise Your Message - All the best fundraising pages tell a really good story.  Let people know why you’re going to the trouble of raising money and they are much more likely to take the time to donate. 

Put a Link on Your Email - Add your page’s web address to your email signature.  That way, everyone you email will be aware of your fundraising.

Add Photos and Video - Personal photos make your page much more engaging.  Even better - add your own YouTube video.  This gives you scope to be funny, imaginative and compelling and gives your supporters a good reason to send your page to others.

Update Your Page - Post regular updates on your progress and upload new photos.  It gives people a reason to return to your page and to send your page to their friends.

Personalise Your Thank You - Don’t forget to edit the thank you email that is automatically generated by JustGiving.  Log into your account go to “Edit your thank-you message”. 


Click on this button to set up your own fundraising page, remember to search for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and your page will automatically generate!  You can also make a one off donation through JustGiving by selecting the 'donate now' option on the menu.