Budget Reponse

March 20, 2014 by Tracy

Chief Executive Officer, Bill SivewrightDorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is delighted that air ambulances have been formally recognized as an important part of caring for patients nationally, after UK Chancellor, George Osborne announced the relief of VAT on air ambulance aviation fuel and access to the LIBOR fine fund in his budget yesterday.

Chief Executive Officer, Bill Sivewright said, “We have yet to review the details of the budget implications to find out exactly what impact it will have, however we will do this over the next few days.

“Because we lease our current aircraft through Bond Air Services we do not have to concern ourselves with the repayment of VAT on fuel.  However, we are looking to the future and the possibilities of either buying or leasing a new helicopter in the next couple of years. This announcement means that no matter how we decide to proceed, we will not be impacted either way. 

“Additionally, the fact that the LIBOR fine fund is being made available for air ambulance charities means that this could be a Win-Win situation for all concerned.

“We are grateful to the Association of Air Ambulances and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Ambulances for their strong support but most of all; we thank the public for their enthusiasm and support on this topic.”

Bill discussed this in more detail this morning on BBC Radio Solent's 'Breakfast in Dorset' - you can listen to his interview HERE.